Traditional finance
is changing

Leadership today requires real time data.
Decisions today require real time insights. Financing today requires real-time capital. Business today requires real-time growth.

Simplify the Process

Accelerate your growth
Still using Excel sheets, PDFs, and having endless reviews? Let's skip past this outdated system. Our technology saves time, resources, and most importantly – money.
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The mid market progression

As your company matures, the primary goal moves from raising capital, to optimizing processes, to purchasing companies and instilling your values and systems.
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Measuring cashflow is tricky

How do you know when a cash-wall is approaching?
How do you know what your borrowing capacity is?
What is an appropriate dividend?
The Accounting Standard – Financial statements are based on the accounting standard, which by definition is backwards looking. This is like driving a vehicle while looking through the rear view mirror. Seeing ahead shouldn't be a blind spot. It's time for new tools.

Give your finance team the tools they need

Anchor your current data, and see into the future without the costs and overhead of a full time team of analysts. Larger companies may have the benefit of economies of scale, but you can utilize technology to your benefit. Henon Insights can provide the advantage at scale.

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Innovative Asset Classes

Not all capital is created equal
And not all capital has the same flexibility, control, or cost. We provide customized financing supported by our AIA Insights+™ platform. From senior revolvers to junior hybrid securities to minority interest stakes – and everything in between – we align capital to your goals.
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Goal Based Capital

Different goals, different capital
Is the investment long term in nature? Is there a turnaround being executed? Are you purchasing or selling a business?


Do you require further investments in equipment, human capital, or working capital? We can structure flexible financial packages from 2MM to 150MM.

Ownership Transitions

Whether you are buying out a competitor, or you are selling your company – we can provide financing from 5MM to 100MM to accomplish this goal.


If you’re out of covenant, or need time to execute a turnaround, we can assist in the full buyout of bank debt from 5MM to 75MM.

Search & Acquisition

Search. Evaluate. Offer. Close. Move on.
Using our proprietary AIA Insights+™ technology and S&A processes, you can achieve all of the above in record time.
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Let's future proof your business.