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Optimize Your Balance Sheet

Most businesses focus relentlessly on streamlining their operations. From time trials and standard work, to project management and resource planning, many COO’s can list multiple areas of improvement… But, how many companies optimize their balance sheet? Companies might stress them, under utilize them, or ignore them completely.  In economics there are two factors: Labor (L) + Capital (K).  Are you optimizing your capital with a K? Are you making best use of your balance sheet?
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The Four Factors

Understanding which of the ‘Four Factors’ that are most important to you during a capital raise is essential. Do you value freedom? Or do you value external support? Do you care about cashflow, or cost? Time of investment? We will help you identify the factors you care about so we can manage the ones that are less prioritized.

Is your business utilizing all available sources of capital?

Legacy banking institutions have operated much the same way in the past decades as they do now.  The approval process, the reviews, the traditions – is there a better way?  As a business's needs outgrow their local bank branch, sophisticated solutions are required. Between bank financing and the public stock market, there are the private markets, offering solutions that can be uniquely tailored to your industry and business.
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Cost of capital

From Prime -1% to Prime + 13%, interest only, fixed rate, principal amortization, warrants, asset based, cashflow based, the list goes on - finding your optimal cost of capital structure is a balancing act.  We work alongside your team, and our capital partners, to help match investment with expenditures. We help you create the optimum weighted adjusted cost of capital (WACC) for your immediate and long term goals.

The mid-market has dissimilar access to resources

Within Canada, small companies (< 99 employees) contribute 42% of GDP while large companies (> 500 employees) contribute 44%. Both small and large are well serviced by either their local bank or by large financial capital market institutions. However, medium sized business by GDP, revenue, and most important measures, are only 13% of the marketplace. There are limited options and few specialist firms that focus on serving the mid market space. We aim to provide medium sized business with the resources and tools traditionally reserved for the large enterprise segment.  We invest in your growth today, so you can become the large enterprise of tomorrow.

Innovative asset classes

Not all capital is created equal. And not all capital has the same flexibility, control or cost. We provide financing ranging from senior revolvers to junior hybrid securities to minority interest stakes – and everything in between. 

Future proof your business while achieving harmony with your goals