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System for Private Equity
Technology accelerated finance. Making your data more agile, efficient, and clever.

It's time to stop using spreadsheets as financial systems glue.

Critical errors. Time and labour. Security flaws. No automation. The list goes on - and that's on a good day.  We believe It’s time to stop using spreadsheets for data storage, financial forecasting, report staging and analysis. It's time to move from single player mode into true dynamic software.
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Henon O/S: the Tool for Finance Teams
private equity
In the high-stakes realm of Private Equity, precision and speed are paramount. Henon O/S offers rapid data analysis with real-time portfolio monitoring and management. With its advanced analytics and flexible reporting, the platform sharpens decision-making, accelerates deal execution, and optimizes investment management, leading to lower costs and better ROI.
Enterprises that adapt swiftly create value and drive growth. Henon O/S is an advanced platform that integrates data and systems across departments, countries and currencies offering scalable data to decision workflows. Its modular design supports strategic insight, effective risk management, and operational economy, vital for thriving in a dynamic market.
Private Credit
In the Private Credit sector, Henon O/S boosts profitability by providing tools for precise risk assessment and intelligent lending decisions, while simultaneously reducing the need for large teams of analysts. It enhances credit models, optimizes pricing, and proactively manages portfolios, streamlining workflows and offering insights for confident, rapid market response and improved client service, all within strict compliance frameworks.

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Henon O/S features comprehensive technical support and expert advice to ensure clients maximize the return from your technology investment. Our support team promptly addresses technical issues, while our solution experts provide strategic guidance tailored to your business needs.
An End to End System Engineered for Finance Teams Across the World
Aggregate financial data from across platforms, systems, and departments, facilitating a comprehensive and cohesive data ecosystem.
Data warehouse
A robust data warehouse designed to securely store and systematically organize vast amounts of financial data for easy access and analysis.
Business Applications
Utilize a suite of business applications that leverage integrated data to drive operational efficiencies, strategic planning, and financial management.
Outputs, Reports, Forecasts
Generate insightful reports, accurate forecasts, and strategic decisions. Empower businesses with actionable intelligence for future planning.
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