Brilliance at scale

Accelerate business development, get instant insights, combine P/L's. A toolkit for private equity & credit, LP's & GP's, and investment bankers.
Data management
Capture and maintain data for easy comparisons and quick analysis.
Customizable reporting for both the portfolio company and the investor.
Scenario testing
Run revenue, rate, cost, and wage scenarios effortlessly.
Data room creation
Create data rooms and collaborate with capital partners.

10x your productivity

Increase the velocity of your business. Make strategic decisions with portfolio companies across different sectors quickly and efficiently.
Build relationships faster
Spend time with portfolio companies, not with spreadsheets.
More analysis in less time
Generate thousands of scenarios in minutes.
Quickly identify gaps and solutions
Optimize performance with software that is opinionated, yet versatile.

Move from insight to foresight

Lead conversations beyond variance analysis, and work towards strategic goals.
Guide with strategic financial tools.
Predict cashflow & balance sheets with accuracy.
Develop mutual action plans.

Manage key data

Securely share and manage files, remove duplication, and save time searching for specific information.
Prevent data waste & remove client files from emails.
Easily retrieve automatically tagged and sorted files.
View original files and their input schedules side by side.

Turn workflows into clicks

Remove hours from onboarding, analysis, reporting, and budgeting.
Create customized client reports instantly.
Setup and onboard new clients with a click.
Commit a forecast to a budget in one step.

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