Henon.io is the financial operating system for Service Industries.

Manage complex leads and lags in working capital and resources

Manage projects, understand cashflow demands, adjust resourcing and headcount.
Revenue Optimization - identify the most profitable service lines and customer segments.
Client Retention and Acquisition - understand the long-term profitability of retaining existing clients versus aquiring new ones.
Project Financing and Cash Flow - plan the financing of large projects and ensure consistent cash flow, taking into account payment cycles and credit terms.
Project management
Build out a project management pipeline, know the resources required to deliver and the cashflow required to get to the endzone, in advance.
Receivables forecasting
Automatically forecast seasonality in collections, see when and where cash is coming from and leaving to.
Workforce management
Plan and staff your team, understand the current as well as future capacity of the firm and bid for the best deals.

10x your productivity

Speed up your business operations by cutting out non-essential work and zeroing in on impactful steps, effectively and quickly.
Consolidate P&L's
Combine multiple P/Ls from multiple ERPs and systems effortlessly.
More analysis in less time
Generate thousands of scenarios in minutes, remove surprises from your path.
Reports in a click
Create intuitive and informative reports for shareholders, stakeholders and capital providers.
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