Henon.io is a strategic finance platform for Manufacturers.

Helping manufacturers unlock data

Unlock innovation to address capex spending, supply chain bottlenecks, and labor management. Align finance functions towards a common goal.
Cash Flow Management - discover effective cash flow management strategies.
Capital Structure Decisions - make informed decisions about their capital structure.
Performance Metrics - monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of manufacturing processes.
Process manufacturing
Turn manufacturing process into profit centers, and move quickly.
Fabricated metal products
Feed market prices of metal, energy and other input costs directly into the model, meet the challenges of a highly competitive marketplace.
Dive deep into skus and launch new products, know profitability, production impact and resources required with a single click.
Instruments and related products
Product life cycles and return on investment and revenue growth have never been easier to understand, quantify and forecast.
Industrial machinery and equipment
Machinery and equipment manufacturing is a capital intensive industry, with leads and lags on AP & AR. Be in the know and move from lagging indicators to leading.
Food and Beverage
Optimize labor costs and reduce waste while connecting to macro data for demand planning.

10x your productivity

Speed up your business operations by cutting out non-essential work and zeroing in on impactful steps, effectively and quickly.
Consolidate P&L's
Combine multiple P/Ls from multiple ERPs and systems effortlessly.
More analysis in less time
Generate thousands of scenarios in minutes, remove surprises from your path.
Reports in a click
Create intuitive and informative reports for shareholders, stakeholders and capital providers.
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