Ensuring your business remains resilient and agile.

Increase Operational Resilience

No brittle spreadsheets
Move beyond the limitations of traditional spreadsheets. Henon O/S ensures that your data handling is both secure and scalable.
Redundancy & backups
Save data snapshots and point in time changes. Keep audit logs of data changes and have one source of truth.
Standardized onboarding
Onboard new hires into the system with confidence. Create standardized flows, models and outputs across all departments, P/Ls and portfolios.
Henon O/S improves your data and financial flows, reducing downtime, manual errors, training onboarding time and productivity traps.

Data Governance

Improve data oversight and regulatory compliance. Maintain data consistency and accuracy, and facilitate more reliable decision-making.
Enhanced data quality management
Ensure accurate and structured data. Maintain one source of data for analytics and reports.
Streamlined compliance procedures
Keep your data governance in line with industry standards and legal requirements, automatically updating to incorporate changes in regulations.
Centralized data control
Gain centralized control over your data assets with governance that provides user controls, limiting access to only the required data, across P/L's, departments and portfolios.

Data Policy & Security

Protect sensitive information with comprehensive Data Policy & Security features. Our system is designed to enforce stringent data policies, uphold security protocols, and meet SOC2 compliance standards.
Information Security
The Data Warehouse acts as the centralized hub for all organizational data. Manage Information security risks with standardized policies for data classifications, authentications, encryption, backup and audit logging.
End-to-End Data Lifecycle Management
Manage the entire lifecycle of your data securely with our comprehensive tools that cover everything from creation and storage to deletion.
Data integrity & backup solutions
Safeguard your data integrity with robust backup solutions that deploy best practices to prevent data loss.
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