Capital management
& reporting

Raise capital and maintain compliance. Track and project your business capital needs - all within a single platform.
Risk rating
Know your cost of capital by understanding your company’s market risk.
Loan Book monitoring
Calculate payouts, interests costs, and balances.
Dilution & sale planning
Anticipate equity raises and divestitures.
Data room creation
Create data rooms and collaborate with capital partners.

Capital management

Track your loan book, fixed or floating rates, and link to specific assets. Be event ready.
Track your loan book, fixed or floating rates, and link to specific assets.
Plan for dilution events and buybacks.
Calculate funding needs, and manage maturity schedules.

Data rooms & reports

Build a detailed data room and customized reports.
Consolidate financial data
Invite capital providers to conduct diligence
Track usage and views

Covenant reporting

Calculate covenants in real time to ensure covenant restrictions are included into your decision making process. Submit quarterly covenant test reports in minutes not hours.
Calculate future covenants and adjust your plan to ensure compliance.
Create quarterly covenant reports for your financial institution with a single-click.

Risk rating

Asses the financial health of your company in a single metric. Rate and compare your financial company's standing vs peers within an industry standardized risk framework.

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