Data source of truth

Integrate all your financial data into a single platform. View past and current financials, forecasted data, and reports with a single click.
Audit trails
Track who, when, and what was changed in the data base.
API calls
Pull data from your ERP, CRM, or accounting software without the need for manual uploading.
Dynamic sheets
Edit and adjust cells as data in continuously updated.
Data snapshot
Capture and maintain historical data, lock-in periods, and close-off periods for easy comparisons and data integrity.

Data mapping

Apply AI mapping overlays on source data to quickly sort, view, and standardize critical information.

Predictions & Budgets

Create 12, 24 and 36 month forecasts using our proprietary predictive technologies. Zoom in or out of balance sheet items, income statements, and cashflows. Lock in the forecast to create a budget, and track variances as time progresses.
12, 24, and 36 month forecasts
120-180 day cash balance & line of credit predictions
Single-click budget creation
Track and monitor variances

Single-click reporting

Turn tables, graphs and data into functional reports or presentations with a single-click. Remove hours of copying, pasting and formatting from your workflow, so you can focus on the things that matter.
Select from a list of standardized essential reports
Create management ready presentations in seconds
View and track engagement with views and usage logs
Advanced capital management and external reporting available
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