The Complete Finance Platform Engineered for Growth

Growing enterprises with revenues from $10 million to $1 billion use our finance platform to predict, report, and plan for change - no data scientists required.
Accurate forecasting
Utilize robust models, and generative AI to achieve best in class predictions.
Faster reporting cycles
Move from yearly or quarterly to real-time budgets and plans.
Automated workflows
Turn complicated workflows into single clicks.
Efficient Communication
Seamlessly send data to both internal and external stakeholders.

Remove guesswork

Know what action to take. Stress test limiting metrics like bank covenants or minimum cash balances, or set up a growth scenario and adjust plans accordingly.

Powerful finance software that is easy to use

Do I have to learn new software?
Our application is intuitive, based off of features and functions you’re already used to.
What type of support can you provide?
We provide you with dedicated Financial Analyst & Onboarding specialists.
How long will it take to get started?
You can be up and running in as little as 72 hours.
How do I access the software?
The software is web based and available 24/7 from anywhere in the world.
Put your budgeting & planning on easy mode. Learn more about single-click reporting.
single-click reporting

Integrate your systems

From CSV to real-time API and everything in between. Add integrations as you progress in your digital transformation.

Plan your what if’s

Add or rationalize product lines, expand geographies, or change course.  Experiment in real-time and choose your path forward.

Map your data

Consolidate your data to a single source of truth. Set and forget.

Link top down or bottom up budgets all in one place

No more fragile or siloed spreadsheets. Easily link marketing spend to workforce changes to office  expenses and much more. With a single click.

Financial market integration

Create a data room in a single click. All your forecasts, pro-formas, historical data compiled and ready for your financial institution to process.
Invite up to 20 institutional bidders
Run an auction, or invite interested investors to review your data and make an offer.
Single click data room creation
Build a fully comprehensive data room instantly with a single click
Covenant Monitoring & reporting
Anticipate any covenant breaches, optimize divident payouts, send quarterly covenant reports.
Mapped and standardized data
Reduce decision time with marketplace certified financials and ratings.
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