Unified elements for complete financial monitoring and management. A single platform to move from data to decision.


Henon OS strategic analysis core
Algorithmic analysis
At the core of the system, AI & ML algorithms analyze data, drawing predictive insights and patterns that inform strategic business decisions.
Basis for actionable insights
Optimized models are the linchpin in transforming raw data into actionable insights, serving as the basis for generating reports, forecasts, and strategic recommendations.
Continuous learning and adaptation
Leveraging machine learning, the models continuously improve, adapting to new data and outcomes, ensuring that the system evolves with the changing business landscape.

Data Layer

Foundation of Insight
Real-time data aggregation
The Data Layer captures real-time financial data from a myriad of sources, ensuring a comprehensive dataset that reflects current market conditions and internal operations.
Integrity and Accessibility
By prioritizing data integrity, this layer ensures that the information remains accurate and reliable, serving as a trustworthy foundation for analysis. Accessibility is streamlined, allowing users to easily retrieve and utilize data as needed.
Preparation for Analysis
The Data Layer prepares data for the pipeline process, filtering and permissioning data in a way that maximizes its value for subsequent stages of analysis and application within the system.

Extract, Load, Transfer

Structured Intelligence Storage
Centralized data repository
The Data Warehouse acts as the centralized hub for all organizational data, systematically organized for efficient access and analysis to support the strategic data needs of the enterprise.
Support for complex queries
Engineered to handle complex queries with ease, this component facilitates swift data retrieval, enabling users to conduct comprehensive analyses without compromising on speed or performance.
Foundation for business intelligence
Serving as the backbone for business intelligence services, the Data Warehouse stores historical, operational, and transactional data, empowering organizations to draw insights from past and present to forecast future trends.

Business Applications

Operational intent Tools
revenue & expenses
Create revenue and expense budgets efficiently with the AI budget assistant. Enable precise tracking and analysis of revenue streams and expenditure patterns, facilitating informed financial management and strategic planning.
Workforce planning
Develop comprehensive headcount plans with benefits, taxes and different payroll cycles. Utilize AI to assist with workforce optimizations and expense planning, aligning human resources with business objectives to drive efficiency and productivity.
capital expense management
Keep track of capital assets, depreciation schedules and future purchases. Allocate financing capital or cash towards future purchases. Use kanban flows and event planners to adapt purchases to changing business conditions. Provide a dedicated platform for planning, tracking, and analyzing capital investments, ensuring optimal allocation of resources for long-term growth.
loan book management
Simplify the handling of loan portfolios, manage maturities, payments, covenants, and rates. Gain insights into performance, risk, and opportunities to maximize flexibility and avoid offside/non compliant loans.
scenario planning
Adjust budgets and plans with the turn of a dial. Input ad hoc adjustments and render 'what-if's' to determine outcomes. Allow users to create and assess various financial scenarios, aiding in strategic decision-making by evaluating potential impacts on the organization's financial health.
Facilitate the fine-tuning of financial models and assumptions based on data tags, dimensions, and classes. Recast statements in any dimension of choice including geography, currency, department, product group, and more.


strategic outputs
Customizable reporting
Tailor reports to meet the specific needs of users, schedule reports that highlight key financial metrics, trends, and insights critical for decision-making.
Interactive Dashboards
Customize dashboards to focus the business and drive down to metrics that matter. Share with users via advanced permissioning and combine views into flash reports. Lead the business towards optimal outcomes.
Catalyst for effective action
Catalyze effective action across the organization, ensuring that decisions are translated into tangible results, driving growth and operational efficiency.
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