Henon.io is a strategic finance platform for CPG & Retail.

Cashflow visibility months out, no surprises

Plan inventory buys, develop sales strategies, and understand capital requirements.
Demand Forecasting - develop sophisticated forecasting models that consider variables like seasonality, economic indicators, and consumer trends.
Pricing Strategies - determine the most profitable pricing models, promotional discounts, and bundling options, balancing customer attraction and retention with profitability.
Cash Flow Optimization - manage liquidity, ensuring that companies can cover operational costs and invest in growth initiatives.
Real time visibility
KPIs and financial metrics with role-based dashboards and reports.
Integrated operations
Combine capex budgets, headcount management, inventory buys and financing into a single system.
Optimized production
Cast a demand plan, view impact of seasonality and plan your production.
Anytime, anywhere access
Run your entire operations, be strategic and plan for the future, from anywhere, at any time.

10x your productivity

Speed up your business operations by cutting out non-essential work and zeroing in on impactful steps, effectively and quickly.
Consolidate P&L's
Combine multiple P/Ls from multiple ERPs and systems effortlessly.
More analysis in less time
Generate thousands of scenarios in minutes, remove surprises from your path.
Reports in a click
Create intuitive and informative reports for shareholders, stakeholders and capital providers.

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