Predictions & Analysis

Move beyond the traditional budgeting process, and render real-time what-ifs. Test your assumptions, and explain the whys and the hows.
Scenario testing
Run revenue, rate, cost, and wage scenarios effortlessly.
Explain variances
Understand why divergences to plan occur.
Stress test
Test your plan before execution, and discover any vulnerabilities in advance.
Bottom up planning
Create detailed workforce plans, project sales team hires, and marketing spend.

Variance analysis

Forecast the balance sheet and income statement with accuracy. Quickly understand budget variances, create options, and re-calibrate.
Benchmark to peers
Compare industry benchmarks and KPI’s against your performance.
Lock in data
Lock the books - compare time periods with closing adjustments.

Scenario testing

Adjust your plan on the fly, add a new product line, expand geographies, and mix and match scenarios. Plan your what ifs.

Sales demand planning

Build your detailed revenue forecast from the bottom up.
Plan sales headcount & marketing spend
Track your hiring cohorts with pro-rated quotas
Collaborate with sales and marketing teams in one place

Stress tests

Optimize your base plan by stress testing macro scenarios, and macro changes such as rates, demand, and costs.
Run multi-variable analysis and iterations in seconds
Save and store previous optimizations for up to 30 days
Set KPI objectives with achievement dates, and optimize plans towards your goal

Workforce management

Manage direct labour and scale your workforce intelligently.
Link revenue and product lines to headcount
Adjust, plan, match FTE with seasonality
Integrate with your HR software
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