Dec 22, 2022

Artificial Intelligence is Permeating Business at Last

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The news is replete with articles about Chat GTP and how AI in a useful form has finally arrived. For many Canadian corporations, this type of technology represents a fundamental shift in how ‘front office’ work can be done, and likely will be done in the future.

From a CFO’s perspective, what advantages can be gained by choosing to move towards the future of cloud and AI, or perhaps just as importantly – where will this leave firms who are left behind?

For decades starry-eyed technologists have claimed that AI will upend the business world, creating enormous benefits for firms and customers. John Deere is not the only proof that this is happening at last. A survey by McKinsey, a consultancy, found that this year 50% of firms across the world had tried to use AI in some way, up from 20% in 2017.

“Large firms spent years collecting data and investing in related technology. Now they want to use this “data stack” to their advantage. AI offers ways to do so.” – Economist artificial-intelligence-is- permeating-business-at-last

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